Caribbean Poker
The success of the poker casinos gave away to the game called Caribbean stud poker. This game was designed to attract the poker fans. Casino poker was created long ago with the including the name casino poker. Caribbean stud poker is based on the green table and has all the features of the poker game. Since this game is long in process, this game has gone through the different phases, and now it has too many types.

There are some variations of stud poker game. Some of them are

· Texas hold Them

· Omaha hold Them

· Community card poker

· Three card poker

· Four card poker

· Stud poker

· Dealer’s choice

· Guts

· Horse

· Let it Ride

· Razz

· Omaha Hi-Lo

· Irish Poker

· Badugi

Strategy for playing Caribbean Stud Poker

You should not fold any pair. Always fold less than A to K. This is one of the fundamental study procedures of the Caribbean poker game. You can play any player, and you should fold less than the AK. This playing strategy of A-k Caribbean Stud Poker decreases the house edge. If you want to play this game, you should follow different conditions. For example, a king shown by the dealer calls that you should show A-K-Q and A-k-j, these will block their pairs. You have to raise A-K in case of dealer card is a deuce through queen further you also hold the same card. Your only way to reduce the casino edge is to play A-k. In this way, you can reduce edge house to a minimum level which is quite handy for you.

Rewards for the player

Win with royal flush: If the player wins with a royal flush, he will receive 100 to 1 us dollars.

Win with straight flush: Players with straight flush will receive payment of 50 to 1 us dollars.

Wins with four of a kind: wins with four of a kind will favor the player with 20 to 1 us dollars.

Win with full house: Win with flush will carry a reward of 7 to 1 us dollars for the player

Win with flush: Win with flush will give the reward of 5 to 1 us dollars

Risk element of different strategies

Perfect Strategy: perfect strategy has the risk element of 2.55 %

Wizard’s Strategy has the risk element of 2.54%

Raise on ace/jack or higher has the element of risk 2.59%

Raise on any pair has the risk of 2.73%

Above mentioned are some of the common strategies and element of risk involved in them. There is no doubt that variations/types of Carribean Stud Poker are not so easy to follow. Experts in these game are earning too much, as you can observe there are different strategies in which risk factor is too small. You can also bet and find your luck. Carribean Stud Poker is an excellent game for gambling. It is giving some real wins also. Still, we recommend you to use your best points. Don’t be aggressive and emotional. Plan well before you go for a well and try to reduce risk factor. If you want to learn more about variations/types of Carribean Stud Poker, it is better to play some demo game of Caribbean Stud Poker. These games are readily available on the internet.