The ecoPayz was previously referred to as Eco card. It is among the first digital wallets to be introduced. The wallet came into the digital market in the year 2000 when the internet wallets were being launched. The headquarters of the wallet is in Horsham, England and it is available in more than 173 countries. The wallet supports more than 47 different currencies. The FCA regulated company provides regular annual reports which make them among trusted financial institutes you can use to pay for casino and other services online. It has several layers of safety features which protect online buyers from scams and other malicious behaviors online.

How ecoPayz Works?

It is a prepaid digital wallet which can be loaded to make and receive payments online. Some users can opt to receive physical ecoCard which is powered by MasterCard. The card can be used on ATMs where users can withdraw from land based ATMs. If you prefer virtual card from the company, it can only be accepted in online shops. The virtual card is available in most countries, but it is not available for US users. It is common in Canadian gamers who prefer paying for the games and casino services online.

The card allows you to make both withdrawals and deposits. If you own an ecoCard, you can use the card to receive and withdraw funds to your physical debit card or withdraw via an ATM. The money can be as well processed through bank transfer services. EcoPayz has a one-time use card which all data can be deleted once it is used.

Safety and Security

The company has been on the forefront in assuring customers great safety. They change and adapt to new changes in the market which makes them highly preferred by many online payers. It is among the best companies which have been accredited to adhere to all Data Security Standard (DSS) it guaranties safety for your personal transaction information. If you use the company to make payments online, it is guaranteed for your money to reach the financial destination. It uses two verification methods for you to activate the card. You will have to activate via email and phone verification before the card can be processed. It is among high levels of safety offered online.

EcoPayz and EcoCard Brief History

During the start of the company, it offered only Ecocard which is an e-wallet. The services were highly appreciated by customers who show the company experience high growth rates. The company later decided to diversify its products as well as services to offer bulk financial transactions, online banking and other services. The introduction of several services lead to the rebranding of the company into EcoPayz from EcoCard. Nowadays the company is preferred for most online casino players. There are several benefits offered to players for online slot games after they decide to use EcoPayz. It is a company to watch out if you are a fun of online casinos. The safety and simplicity of the system makes it among the best methods which you can use to play in online casinos.